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Instructional Courses

Friday 15 February | 09.00 - 10.30

Intraocular Lenses in the Absence of Capsular Support

Organisers: V. Pfeifer SLOVENIA, S. Georgaras GREECE

Course Description
The Course will present cases without capsular support, as it happens in intra capsular cataract extraction, in weakness of the zinn zone or in capsular rapture, or post-operatively in cases of dislocated intraocular lenses. Videos will be presented managing different types of intraocular lenses. Results and management of complications especially in cases of dislocated lenses, in order to help the surgeon to decide either to exchange the lens or to use the existing one.

Course Objectives
Attendees will learn about techniques and intraocular lenses that will help them to choose the appropriate ones in order to eliminate complications.

Course Schedule

  • 09.00
  • Introduction
  • 09.03
  • O. Findl AUSTRIA Ab-interno and ab-externo suture fixated IOLs
  • 09.18
  • S. Gotzaridis GREECESpecial design scleral fixated IOLs
  • 09.33
  • V. Pfeifer SLOVENIA Flanged intrascleral IOL fixation using double needle technique
  • 09.48
  • A. Charonis GREECE Iris fixated IOLs
  • 10.03
  • S. Georgaras GREECE The use of iris stitches for the stabilization of posterior chamber in intraocular lens
  • 10.18
  • Discussion

Friday 15 February | 11.00 - 12.30

Complex Cataract Surgery

Organisers: M. Balidis GREECE, B. Malyugin RUSSIA

Course Description
This video-based course will present instructions for managing cataracts of various density and/or associated with various pathology including but not limited to zonular instability, capsular rupture, iris abnormalities etc. Various techniques to be presented will be aimed to improve results. Videos will illustrate graft preparation, and delivery technique. Results and management of complications will be discussed in details.

Course Objectives
Attendees will learn a various techniques to manage complicated cataracts allowing them to improve surgical skills, avoid complications and achieve better results.

Course Schedule

  • 11.00
  • B. Malyugin RUSSIA Introduction
  • 11.01
  • R. Packard UK Brown/very hard/white cataracts/weak zonules
  • 11.16
  • P. Papadopoulos GREECE Posterior polar cataracts
  • 11.24
  • P. Papadopoulos GREECE Iris reconstruction techniques
  • 11.34
  • B. Malyugin RUSSIA Small pupils
  • 11.49
  • R. Packard UK Capsular rupture, vitrectomy techniques
  • 12.01
  • P. Tranos GREECE Cataract post-vitrectomy and/or post-intravitreal injections
  • 12.13
  • M. Balidis GREECE IOL options in deficient capsular support/IOL exchange

Friday 15 February | 15.00 - 16.30

Spectacle Independence After Cataract Surgery

Organisers: B. Cochener FRANCE, P. Papadopoulos GREECE

Course Description
The preoperative assessment will be described, with the aim of choosing the appropriate strategy and eliminating contraindications to surgery: topography, evaluation of the retina and ocular surface. Depending on the patient's age, needs and expectations, ametropia, ocular morphological characteristics, the choice will be between monovision, Multifocal or extended depth of focus IOLs; with or without associated toricity.

Course Objectives
Introduce the different strategies for compensating presbyopia in the context of lens surgery. Define careful patient selection and comprehensive information to ensure the success of the surgery.

Course Schedule

  • 15.00
  • B. Cochener-Lamard FRANCE Patient selection, information and evaluation
  • 15.15
  • D. Mikropoulos GREECE Multifocal and EDOF IOLs
  • 15.30
  • P. Papadopoulos GREECE Astigmatism management: from A to Z
  • 15.45
  • F. Ribeiro PORTUGAL Monovision and enhancement procedures
  • 16.00
  • M. Balidis GREECEManagement of the unhappy patient: IOL replacements
  • 16.15
  • Discussion