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Young Ophthalmologists Programme

Friday 15 February
09.00 – 12.30

Learning from the Learners: Interactive Session on Cataract
Surgery for Trainees

Chairpersons: O. Findl AUSTRIA, S. Morselli ITALY

Panellists: R. Packard UK, N. Reus THE NETHERLANDS

  • 09.00
  • R. Packard UKThe most common tips I give to my trainees

  • 09.15
  • Learning From the Learners: One of My First Operations
    Video cases submitted by young ophthalmologists

    Video authors: P. Koumoutsos GREECE, D. Liakopoulos GREECE,
    L. Sanjuán Riera SPAIN, S. Rodriguez-Calderón SPAIN,

  • 10.30
  • Break

Panellists: V. Pfeifer SLOVENIA, P. Rosen UK

  • 10.45
  • P. Rosen UK Things I tell my residents - phaco tricks to improve your surgery

  • 11.00
  • Learning From the Learners: Tackling More Risky Cases
    Video cases submitted by young ophthalmologists

    Video authors: A. Gale HUNGARY, M. Khan CANADA, P. Koumoutsos GREECE,
    B. Lorente Bulnes SPAIN, B. Styliani GREECE, A. Youssef TUNISA

  • 12.15
  • Roundtable: summary
  • 12.30
  • End of session